Why is My Heating Bill So High In Gate City, VA ? Common Causes for a High Heating Bill

Why is my electric bill so high in Gate City, VA“Why is my heating bill so high?” is a common question that frustrates many Weber City, VA and Gate City, VA residents during the winter months. Not only does a high heating bill wreak havoc on your family budget, it also makes you wonder what is causing the flare up. Below we discuss some possible causes of your high heating bill and how to fix them.

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Common Causes of High Heating Bills In Gate City VA

Some of the causes of high heating bills are obvious, while others may leave you smacking yourself on the head wondering why you had not thought of it before. Here are some of the common reasons you might be on the receiving end of a high heating bill:

  • Poorly Maintained Furnace – A very common reason for many high heating bills is a furnace that has not been properly maintained. If your furnace has not had a regular maintenance check in some time, it will result in higher heating costs because the furnace has to work harder to heat the space it is charged with.
  • Air Leaks – An air leak can quickly lend itself to a high heating bill, as the furnace has to work harder to heat an area than it would otherwise. Seal off any leaks, checking windows and doors, to keep the heat in.
  • Dirty Furnace Filter – Another quite common cause of a high heating bill is a dirty filter. Most furnace filters require a change every 3 months or so. Leaving a clogged, dirty filter in place forces your furnace to work harder to heat your space, resulting in that unpleasant, higher bill.
  • Error in Reading the Meter – Check the reading on your energy bill with the actual meter reading to make sure there was not an inadvertent error made by your energy company. If the readings do not match, contact them so they can address the problem, and fix your high heating bill.
  • Thermostat Issues – Sometimes the best remedy for high heating bills is getting a programmable thermostat for your house. You can set it to heat the home when you are there and lower the temperature when you are out. This money as you are not heating an empty home, and saves you having to remember to constantly tinker with the thermostat.

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