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Are you shopping for quotes on a new Weber City, VA, Gate City, VA air conditioning unit? AC system replacement service technicians from A&G Heating & Cooling Co LLC are expertly trained and certified and finding you the right HVAC unit for your home during the hot Kentucky summers. We provide free estimates on all HVAC system replacements, and our Comfort Consultants will guide you through all of our financing options to ensure you receive the best AC installation for your Weber City, VA home.

The certified HVAC professionals of A&G do our best to help Weber City, VA, Gate City, VA homeowners make smart choices when it comes to air conditioning repair in Weber City, VA  central AC system replacement. If you believe a new air conditioner is in your future, contact us for a free estimate – we are happy to review your current system, make repair recommendations, help you evaluate the costs and benefits of each option, and guide you through the equipment selection process if you do decide to upgrade your Weber City, VA or Gate City, VA home AC system.

Weber City, VA or Gate City, VA Air Conditioning Systems Replacement

Purchasing a new Weber City, VA air conditioner comes at a significant cost to many homeowners. You want to be sure you’re spending money wisely, which means you don’t want to replace your current central air conditioning system well before its time is up. However, you don’t want to waste money repairing a dying system when you could put that money toward a new one. Decisions, decisions.

Luckily, Weber City, VA and Gate City, VA homeowners have A&G Heating & Cooling Co LLC on their sides. We’re here to help you make the best decision for your situation – we put our expert knowledge to work for you. When examining your situation, consider the following factors that typically steer homeowners toward AC installation over making repairs.

Whether your existing air conditioner started out at a lower energy efficiency level or became that way over time, an inefficient air conditioner just doesn’t cut it in today’s world. Your air conditioner could be costing you quite a lot of money, suffering from poor indoor air quality, and wasting a significant portion of the energy it consumes to cool your home.

New air conditioners have a SEER rating of 13 or higher – air conditioners manufactured 15 years ago were not held to such a high standard regarding energy efficiency. Plus, units lose efficiency over time, so whatever rating your 15-year-old air conditioner started at probably isn’t what it delivers today. When you upgrade with air conditioner replacement, you know exactly what to expect efficiency-wise and see the results of that higher SEER rating on your electric bills.

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