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If your Weber City, VA or Gate City, VA area home is equipped with a forced air heating and cooling system, your air ducts are a significant source of energy loss. The Environmental Protection Agency finds that the average home experiences a 20% to 30% loss of conditioned air through duct air leaks. Defective ducts allow heating and cooling to escape, generating energy loss and discomfort in various ways. Air leaks from leaky ductwork cost Weber City, VA and Gate City, VA homeowners a substantial sum each year, plus generate issues with temperature control and indoor air quality within the home.

Duct sealing is a service that closes gaps in failing duct connections to improve the energy efficiency of the home. Aeroseal is a professional method used for sealing air leaks in ducts, offering benefits beyond the DIY techniques available involving foil tape and mastic sealant. By closing duct leaks from the interior of the duct, the Aeroseal ducting seal method boasts up to 90% reduction in air loss!

A&G Heating & Cooling Co LLC offers Aeroseal duct sealing for Weber City, VA and Gate City, VA homeowners and those in the surrounding areas. Applied by certified technicians, Aeroseal closes air duct leaks quickly so your family benefits from an instant improvement in comfort, air quality, and energy savings.

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Aeroseal – Innovative Duct Sealing 

Aeroseal duct sealing is a professional sealant used to close air leaks from within the interior of the ductwork. A safe, non-toxic sealant is applied to your air duct system, and its innovative formula uses nanoparticles that form a tight bond to bridge the gap of any opening present in the ducts of your HVAC system.

The Aeroseal method offers outstanding benefits for Weber City, VA and Gate City, VA homeowners:

  • Reduce energy expenses up to 40% each month.
  • Eliminate air loss that causes poor temperature control and hot or cold spots in the home – every living area receives adequate heating and cooling when duct leaks are eliminated.
  • Air quality inside the home is greatly improved by closing points of intrusion that allow contaminants into your ducts.
  • Your HVAC system experiences reduced wear and tear because it does not have to overwork to make up for the air loss, so your equipment stays in service longer.
  • The Aeroseal process is completed with no need to disturb your home – seal duct leaks in as little as an hour or two.

Problems Caused by Duct Leaks 

Energy waste is just one of the problems caused by leaking air ducts in a home. Many homeowners don’t realize that the heating and cooling losses through duct leaks contribute to discomfort in the home. When conditioned air losses occur in the duct system, it is difficult to maintain comfortable temperatures inside the home, throwing off temperatures in your living areas.

As air escapes through gaps and cracks in the air ducting, it enters the traditionally unconditioned areas of attics and crawlspaces, where ducts are typically installed. The heating and cooling energy produced by the HVAC system doesn’t make it to the living areas, instead, a portion enters these zones where your family receives zero benefit from that energy consumption. As much as 30% of the energy your heating and cooling systems consume isn’t making it to your rooms.

With so much of your heating and cooling lost before you ever get to enjoy it, rooms throughout your home become difficult to keep comfortable. When you notice hot spots in the summer and cold spots in the winter, it’s highly likely the ducts serving this area of the home are leaking.

Air quality also suffers greatly when duct sections leak air. The air in the attic or crawlspace where the ducts run is not conditioned and air can be contaminated with various particles like mold, dust, dirt, insulation fibers, and more. These particles are able to filter through the openings in the ducts and mix with the conditioned air moving to your living areas. As a result, the air quality you receive is much worse due to the leaks in the ducts.

How Duct Leaks Are Identified 

To determine if air duct sealing is needed in your Weber City, VA or Gate City, VA home, an HVAC technician must test for leakage in the ductwork. Leaks are often located in areas of the air ducts that are hidden and hard to reach – it pays to have the help of a professional who can assess your duct system safely, so you don’t risk doing damage to the ducts or hurting yourself attempting to access these difficult areas.

If you suspect your duct system is leaking air and wasting heating and cooling energy, A&G assesses the ductwork to verify the presence of leakage. To perform the test, we close all openings at vents and return air grills so the duct system can be placed under pressure. Once the duct system is pressurized, we are able to measure air loss in the duct system and pinpoint locations where leaks have occurred. Seams and connections are common locations where air leaks occur.

Performing AeroSeal Duct Sealing 

If air leakage is found when your ducts are tested, your technician may recommend Aeroseal to eliminate these losses. Aeroseal involves the use of a sealant that is added to the ducts in order to seal gaps and cracks from the inside out.

The entire duct sealing process is monitored by a certified heating and cooling technician. While the system is still under pressure, your technician adds the Aeroseal sealant to the system. Under pressure, sealant is moved through the air to points of leakage – as the sealant is forced through the gap, the nanoparticles within it form tight bonds to the edges of the opening and join together to close the opening.

There is no need to cut access holes in your walls or ceiling to find leaks or fix them. Aeroseal is non-invasive because it works from the inside of the duct system! There’s no mess in your home, and the whole process takes anywhere from an hour to a few hours, depending on the condition of your ducts. Once complete, your technician remeasures air leakage and shares the immediate improvements measured after AeroSeal has been applied!

Why Not DIY Duct Sealing? 

It is possible to seal duct leaks yourself, though it may be more difficult than it’s worth. Because traditional sealing methods must be applied to the outside of the duct, leaks in hard-to-access areas require cutting into drywall or other damage in order to access the problem area. Foil tape and mastic sealant are materials used to seal leaks in ductwork. However, foil tape is vulnerable to losing adhesive powers after exposure to dirt and oil, while mastic sealant is difficult to apply correctly.

Homeowners should know that despite its name, duct tape is not to be used on ductwork. Duct tape cannot withstand the temperatures of the ducts and will lose its adhesive powers, causing the leak to open once more.

Because ducts are hard to examine and access, save yourself the hassle and leave duct sealing to the pros! You won’t have to worry about botching the job by incorrectly using products purchased at a home improvement store, and you’ll gain better results from the professional methods used by your heating and cooling contractor!

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