Furnace Maintenance

Furnace Maintenance

Weber City, VA, Gate City, VA Furnace Maintenance 


It doesn’t matter what kind of furnace you have, natural gas, electric, and oil furnaces need regular furnace maintenance so they are able to heat your Weber City, VA, Gate City, VA home with ease and stay running efficiently. Annual servicing with a professional furnace tune-up backed up by DIY furnace maintenance throughout the year keeps your heating system operating as good as a new furnace even as years pass!Furnace Maintenance

A&G Heating & Cooling Co LLC helps Weber City, VA and Gate City, VA homeowners manage the annual furnace maintenance needs of heating and cooling system made by any HVAC brand. Our certified furnace maintenance technicians work from a thorough furnace equipment checklist to ensure all vital components are addressed and receive the servicing necessary.

With a yearly preventive maintenance tune-up for your gas furnace or other furnace type, you can feel confident that the HVAC unit will heat your home with proper function and great energy efficiency, delivering enhanced indoor comfort and indoor air quality in the process.

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Lower Heating Costs with Regular Heating System Maintenance 

There’s so much advice floating around, giving tips to help your furnace operate at higher efficiency levels and reduce heating energy bills. In the grand scheme of things, many of these tips don’t have much of an impact on the furnace and some are just plain old wives’ tales. If you’re searching for a tried and true way to help your furnace run at its best while also saving money, annual inspections of any forced air heating systems is exactly what you need.

Furnace tune-ups are always completed by A&G’s certified Weber City, VA heating & Cooling Co technicians. With their trained eyes reviewing every inch of your entire furnace, any flaws hiding out deep within the heating system or even in plain sight are going to be brought to light – plus, your technician is going to share exactly how to prevent furnace repair services. Decades of experience and dedication to customer satisfaction allow our team to explain the significance of spotted issues, as well as if they are flaws that have a simple fix or require ongoing concern.

The Tasks on Our Furnace Maintenance Checklist 

When you call A&G Heating & Cooling Co LLC to perform your furnace tune-up each year, our exhaustive furnace maintenance checklist guides your technician in delivering routine furnace maintenance service to all integral parts of the heating system. This way, every part’s operation, and energy efficiency are optimized so you can sit back and relax with reliable heat that won’t cost a fortune.

Many homeowners are curious about our furnace maintenance checklist and the steps it includes. To help you better understand what happens when one of our certified Weber City, VA, Gate City, VA furnace maintenance technician performs a tune-up on heating and cooling systems, these are just some of the steps we follow:

  • Check for dirty furnace filter and install a clean air filter as needed.
  • Check positioning of blower door and adjust for a firm fit.
  • Clear away loose material like debris and dust inside and on the blower motor assembly.
  • Check condition of belt linking the blower fan blades and fan motor, and tighten there is a loose belt.
  • Use oil ports to lubricate bearings inside the blower motor.
  • Clean carbon soot buildup from combustion chamber walls.
  • Clean pilot light and burners with a small wire brush to eliminate carbon soot and yellow flames.
  • Inspect the pipes for your natural gas supply or oil fuel and make repairs.
  • Remove existing filter and install a new oil filter for a heating oil unit.
  • Check gas valve position and operation, then adjust to meet correct gas pressure.
  • Clean away soot from the flame sensor and replace the flame sensor.
  • Clear areas around the furnace so fuel mixes with moving air as intended within the combustion chamber.
  • Inspect heat exchanger condition, looking for safety issues like a cracked heat exchanger.
  • Test function of electric motor on draft inducer.
  • Observe draft inducer operation to ensure combustion gases are circulated through the heat exchanger and exhaust flue.
  • Check the flue over for issues like rust, damage, blockages, or corroded flues.
  • Examine condition and function of the power switch, circuit board, wiring, and all parts of the furnace electrical system.
  • Tighten loose connections on components attached to the electrical power part of the furnace.
  • Test airflow in the duct system and make adjustments to relieve pressure
  • Recalibrating thermostat units so they’re ready when it’s time to use the furnace.
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